S.T.A.Y. – spending time amplifying yourself

AudioLightVisual Performance on 2 circle 150 cm or 300 cm + 40mt led stripes 2 Videoprojector / Fazer / Fog Machine / Spotlights

…Stillness and non doing are the states from which I have moved from, with the intention of exploring change and transformation even if nothing is really happening. So you relax & trust, following an inward journey through music, lights, projections, emotions and sensations.

⭕ It is time to share the promo of my secret project I have been building in my workshop during the lockdown. Few friends had already the chance to experience it but now It seems the moment to open it to more audience. ⚡ It is a modular live performance than can be enjoyable chilling on a sofĂ  🛋 or hanging around the space.

🍷 If you are traveling center Italy you can come to see the performance, I’ll be more than glad to welcome you in this trippy playground. Or if you are interested to present somewhere I will be more than happy to collaborate and to find the right way to move it around!


AudioLightVisual Perfomance
Concept - Design by Ka:lu
My Workshop
Umbria Italy