LEGAME The idea for this project starts from the observation of a symbiosis present in nature between the plant and animal world; the cecide, commonly called “galla”, is a malformation of the nature of growths, a kind of plant tumor, that forms on the leaves, on the branches, on the trunk and roots of plants caused by insects, mites or fungi to induce the formation of an incubator where the latter entrust their fate for the new life.

Through the work I want to express the harmony, an interaction between two apparently separate worlds but with a deep bond, an invisible harmony, a knowledge developed over time; a dimension of dialogue expressed with a visual language that produces spectacular protuberances with the most varied shapes and colors. In this subtle relationship the human world appears to be alien to it, tied to a simple judgment in the cause and effect that is established between these two worlds; a man who feels separate, far from imagining the existence of a larger design made up of continuous interdependence between living beings through which nature manifests itself.

“Because the processes of nature make no sense, they only have an inexorable course that we can interrupt, but without being able to avoid the backlash of nature. In fact, there are two subjectivities in us. One that says “I”, my projects, my expectations, my vision of the world full of meaning, and one that says “nature” and interests of the species, for which the fate of the self, his ideas, its scenarios are not of the slightest importance. ” (Galimberti)


AudioVisual Installation - Legame
Concept - Design - Music by Ka:lu
RGB Light Experience
19.12.2020 // 23.12.2020  Rome