Luca Cataldo (Ka:lu)
I’m a multimedia artist focusing my works on audiovisual installation, big projections, vjing and djing.
In the last 10 years I have been invited in many festivals, exhibitions, events and parties.
I also have been working with International Network for Culture and Arts (incanetwork.eu) in over 40 european projects as coordinator, trainer and artist.
Since 2008 I’m in charge of the artist residencies and technical director for the dutch multimedia festival Oddstream.
I’m one of the co-founder of the upcoming Italian visual label Antica Proietteria (anticaproietteria.it) specialised on the use of lights and projections in site-specific contexts.
My oeuvre are a mix between digital image/sound and different materials such as iron, fabrics, wood.
My artistic approach is the result of “learning by doing”.
My work are the way to show and express to myself and others the achievement connected to life I’m facing daily.
I’m always looking for beauty and aesthetics results that can be an immersive experience for a miscellaneous of audience.