Real Back – The past is the result

Real back explores the contrast we are experiencing now days in this “digital civilization”; a life and a digital identity that fills our time depriving us of space.
Two opposing circles observe each others. On one hand, artificial and digital projections and sounds that allow the viewer to interact and
manipulate, on the other, instead, images and soundscape reality, of a “motionless” nature, landscapes that change according to the cycle of the seasons, beings living that change following the cycle of life and death. At the center there is a further circle, in this case empty, but that can interact with visuals, leds and
sound thought a combination of sensors; the spectator place is face, decide how to interact and how to be presence. He is the actor of this installation and he is the one who can choose where to place himself,
on what to focus, how to value his time and act on space, how to change his future.

A time machine that works in the present, because the past is the result.

If I could go back in time, there are things I would not do again. Like travel back in time. (Rat-Man)


AudioVisual Installation - Real Back
Concept - Design - Music by Ka:lu
RGB Light Experience
07.12.2018 // 10.12.2018  Rome